Volvo Reliability

Volvo Reliability. Volvo is a leading company when it comes to safety, priding itself on key safety equipment and new technology, but does this also Volvo prides itself on its safety innovations, but is it a reliable brand? Volvos-like other European makes-can be very nice to own during the warranty period.

Volvo Reliability
How Reliable are Volvo? A Honest Assessment of the Swedish … (Cecilia Phillips)

The new Volvo platform has propelled the automotive industry in the last few years. Easily the most disappointing result in this year's JD Power dependability study is Volvo. It's not a car I could easily recommend given Volvo's shaky reliability record and the high cost of maintenance.

Reliability Index is brought to you by Warranty Direct who pay out millions of pounds a year in car repair bills.

The caveats being that you really have to take care of your car.

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Can anyone give me your opinions on Volvo, specifically the XC series of the last. Volvo – reliability ratings — car make reports. Users of TrueDelta's car price comparison tool most often compare these cars to the Volvo.

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