Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

While the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are likely to get the lions to share of mass-market sales, there are several new models including the Ford Mustang Mach-E and General Motor’s Hummer EV SUV that will focus more attention on the electric market.

This is the Tesla Model 3 and it’s a little bit like a one plus mobile phone in the way it has almost the same performance as the more expensive S but it’s more affordable so it starts in America from around 35,000 dollars here in Europe it starts from 50,000 Euros and in the UK well you can’t get it yet you’ll be able to within a year then it’ll probably cost around 50,000 pounds n

Lucid promises 400 miles of range, 1000 horsepower, a top speed of “over 200 mph,” and a zero-to-6o-mph time of 2.5 seconds, plus over-the-air updates and autonomous-driving technology.

For the car you’re looking at this is the performance version of the model through some sporty upgrades like a carbon-fiber rear spoiler 20 inch alloy wheels bigger brakes it sits lower to the ground as well but it looks like a Model S but just a little bit more modern a little bit smaller and of course look being an electric car there’s no grill so it doesn’t really have a mouth as such I do like the look of it though I think it’s quite a neat and tidy looking car but inside its suitably hi-tech so it’s a really clean modern design in here

there’s hardly any buttons the only buttons there are are actually on the steering wheel and quite is pretty good as well it’s much better I think than in the Model S which is the more expensive car so there’s squidgy materials on the dash here and here and here and here and even down here on the door bins as well and the build quality is better than before so the controls have a nice damp feeling to them the materials don’t shake.

A new report by Cairn Energy Research Advisors, a research firm focused on the battery and EV industries, predicts a surge in electric vehicle sales in 2021 as countries around the world push new programs to encourage consumers to buy battery powered vehicles.

There are a few bits and pieces where you press it and it just feels a little bit less solid than say something like a BMW but it’s not too far they have got really really close to the mainstream manufacturers and then there’s the area when they completely thrash them and that’s the infotainment screen and you get this big infotainment screen as standard on every model 3 and that brings you on to the specs every Model 3 gets dual zone climate control and you can actually control where the air comes out of this main central vent here but it exactly where you like it you need to drag it with your finger line there’s mobile phone connectivity where you can actually control the car remotely by an app so you can do things like operate the climate you can check the charging stay and do some other bits and pieces such as locket in fact you can use your phone as the key for the car and it just recognizes that you’ve got in your pocket and lets you in and start it and you get a reversing camera too and I think it’s probably one of those high definition reversing cameras.

I’ve ever seen if you upgrade to the performance model you get the optional full-length glass roof as standard and I love the way it just extends all the way to the very back instead of fabric seats the performance model also gets vegan leather also known as leatherette or just fake leather it’s also available with this open pore wood if you like that kind of thing and this heated seats too so not just for the driver nor the front passenger but for people in the back as well even the one in the very middle back seat in fact you can’t roll most of the cost functions through this screen.

At the time, Mercedes-Benz claimed an impressive powertrain consisting of a battery pack of “up to 60kWh” for a “real-world range” of 400 km (250 miles, but on NEDC, so likely closer to 200 miles EPA range), dual motors with over 268hp (200kW), and all-wheel drive delivering 0-100km/h (0-60mph) in around 5 seconds.

God you also use the screen to just things like the door mirrors for instance I hit that button on there and then I use the button on the steering wheel to move the mirror up and down and left and right then if I want to alter the position of the steering wheel what’s going to press that button and then I use this again to move it up down in and out in fact it’s very easy to get an ideal driving position in this car so the seat has plenty of adjustment in it so even if you’re really tall you can get into a comfortable position or if you’re small because it will jack up quite a way and for those longer journeys you’ve got electrically controlled lumbar support to put a little bit of extra padding in the small of your back so you don’t get back ache and then there’s a couple spaces so there were a lot under here there’s plenty of room leaving a little tray and there’s a 12 volt charging socket in.

There a very quaint however for the more modern people look at this you have if I just hit that you will see a couple of charges there where you can just mount your mobile phone die li and they’ll charge up I think that is super cool what’s less cool is this that it can be quite hard to shut these if you think they operate like a normal cubby cover but they’re actually held down by magnets they just close them gently and it’s all good yeah actually under I should show you there’s any more space there as well that the dog there there is a tasting gate news to the door bins are a decent size as well and you can use these cup holders.

I really like that and yes that’s quite a big visor she’ll be able to keep the sin out of your eyes I was like the rear view mirror as well it’s cool a minimalist not the rest of the car anyway let’s hop into the back but before we do I want to show you this you open the door by just pressing a button here and it opens electrically.

Now you might be thinking well what happens if it runs out of battery I’ll never be able to get out the car don’t worry look there’s a manual override let’s jump into the back another thing I like is how you open the doors never a really cool handle doesn’t quite open in the same way as on the Model S but I actually think it’s a better system

Space in the back so this seat is in my usual driving position I’ve got plenty of knee room headroom is just about okay for me but people over six-foot may struggle a little bit if you need to carry three people in the backup once it is doable because well look at this you have no hump in the floor and so this plenty of space for everyone’s feet and the car seems quite wide so it should be alright for shoulder space as well if you need to get a child seat there’s a couple of a fix here.

There right where you’d be holding a book which is good there’s a couple of USB charging points there as well and as a little folder in the back of the front seats where you can just about fit an iPad plus the door bins in the back and nice and large as well once more criticism though is this look the rear windows really don’t go down very far so kids will find that a bit annoying that they will like the fact that the window ledge isn’t too high and the rear window is quite big so you do get a good view out  and of course the glass roof does make you feel nice and air in here though it doesn’t get too hot because it’s actually got a special coating which blocks out more than 99% of UV light now let’s move on to the boot once again the door opens electrically so in terms of the capacity it’s about three-quarters of that that you get in the boot of a BMW 3-series in fact once you check out my in-depth video review of the BMW 3-series you just click on the pop-up

in the top right corner of the screen or follow the link below the video ok watch it so you look at the space it is quite usable the boot opens really high as well so you’ve got nice access to it even though it’s a saloon car there’s not much of a lift to lift stuff over so it’s all right under here though is some extra storage .

There is quite a lot when you add all that together the boot capacity is then very similar to the 3-series and its really nice that you’ve got somewhere to keep the charging cables out of the way it’s a little bit of extra storage just down the side here as well and of course being an electric car you do not have an engine at the front so instead you have a throat which is a front boot

that is black you don’t want that you’re gonna have to pay some more money what all this minimalism is cool it would be good to have a few buttons for some key items such as your fog lights but now you have to go to the screen also using the mirrors through this system is a little bit of an ass as well Tesla has just cut the price at the Model S Model X by up to forty thousand pounds and they could do that for the Model 3 at any point which would be a little bit annoying if you just bought one prior to the price cut this black trim not only because of horrible fingerprints but it also scratches easily look there’s marks on it

this is a brand new car if it’s been raining and there’s a lot of water on the car when you open the boot that drips on there then look because you can see it all drips inside the car because it’s not sufficient guttering like on normal cars thankfully they’re still Plenty’s like about the Tesla Model 3 here’s five cool features if you’re running low on battery the satellite navigation system will automatically divert to to a Tesla supercharger

I’ll even preheat the battery but optimal charging when you get there if you’re planning a longer route it’ll actually figure in places to stop to charge up but it won’t make you state and charge there for longer than you need to every Model 3 comes fitted with all the hardware necessary for all the available optionsthen there’s violate mode so if you want to hand over your car at an airport or the hotel you can put into this mode and it will restrict the speed to 55 miles an hour unlock the trunk and also disengage the infotainment systems and they can’t mess around the settings

The seats have a special coating on them which make them very easy to wipe clean if you get muck on them the car has a range of funny Easter eggs which shows that Tesla has a sense of humor and I’ll show you some now so by pressing that button there and then pulling this down you access the

Easter eggs and this one here is called romance mode so it shows a lovely roaring log fire their hair romantic is their play some relaxing music awesome it blows that warm air to the ventilation system and warms the seats as well to get you in the mood next there is Mars mode so basically it changes your sat-nav for the surface of the planet Mars next up is drawing mode which allows you to write stuff on the screen then there’s a Tori mode which allows you to play games off all the Torah’s

Then there is my personal favorite the whoopee cushion basically you can activate each seat so that when someone sits on it as you can hear it makes a farting sound and you can choose between the different fart sounds so I’ll run through them here there’s Malcon heavy then you’ve got ludicrous fart that one’s a bit wet nutria stink it’s like post curry that one yeah kids are gonna love that and grownup kids will too the Tesla Model 3 has a 75-kilowatt hour battery and according to Tesla that should be good for a range of up to 3 miles so long as you take it steady now to charge it you just press this flap here there you go knee opens

actually have a speed up such as this it’s fine it doesn’t feel any further than something like a sporty Audi or BMW you can get the normal model which has softer suspension and smaller wheels and it’ll be a bit better over bumps and bit more comfortable but I’m actually fine with this what I do like is the fact you get a great view forward because you’ve got such a low –

what I don’t like though is this pillar creates a massive blind spot so when you’re at Junction you really do have to look round it quite a lot as for the maneuverability well the turning circle is very similar to something like a BMW 3 Series so it’s just about good enough so if you need to go around

a mini roundabout you can do then there’s the brakes so only with an electric car the first part your braking actually regenerates the batteries and so you can feel a bit grabby at times whereas it doesn’t with this Tesla you get the regenerating effect when you lift off the accelerator but the brakes are just normal rakes so they’re very easy to control

You don’t end up like jerking your way down the road I like that about it but while all that is very clever is a lot of three actually any good as a long-distance motorway crews up well yes so since a nice to come faced pension does a good job its relaxing enough you gave it a wind noise from around here but it’s quite quiet I’m not sure what I’m just noticing the other noises because there’s no noise from the engine of course you can look great to have Tesla’s an autopilot which is basically a clever cruise control system so to engage it I hit down on this stalk twice

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